September 2004: first time I met you, joyfully welcoming me at Dartmouth. January 2020: last time I hugged you, after celebrating my mother’s Befana in Italy. In between, too much for now, but I’ll share more. I’m shocked and I cry. Romeo is not informed, but he asked me: “Mamma, hai bisogno di un’abbracciatona?”. I’m splitting it with the love of your life Sindre and your beloved amazing family: Molly, Quentin, Sarah, Lydia, Samuel, as well as all your sweet relatives that I had the privilege to meet. Family is a matter of souls and you were in mine. I use to say you’re my “fratellino americano”, because you’ll always be beyond a friend to me, caro Zeke, forever close even in distance. Thank you for your aura, your Rebi