Chris, I met you first in spring 2001 at the fundraising, playing „ein eingebildeter Kranker“ with Moira. Having fun together, drawing anatomic hearts on Papierservietten… 

I could stay at Chris‘ wonderful family through summer 2001\. Talking swissgerman with him, instead of learning English… he tought me how to make american pancake and chocolate chip cookies. Walking around the block with Schubert… many postcards of Monet went over the ocean. …a few times we met in Germany – always lovely reunions full of fun. 

Now I got this unbelievable Message … ways to early!!! Full of love, music and great ideas you had to pass… You left your „footprints“ almost all over the world. May they carry on your music, love and joy! 

I carry your whole family in my heart and thoughts.