Add Your Tree to the Map

Grow a tribute to Chris and help restore our beautiful planet by planting a tree of your own.




Trees, of course, move a great deal of water from the earth out into the air via transpiration, cleaning it in the process.  Trees also are a great carbon sponge.  And some are particularly good for bees, like linden or tuliptree. The first Chris tree was planted by his parents on their cabin property in Michigan.

How To Join In

1. Plant a Tree!
If you live somewhere which is amenable to a new tree you can plant it directly.  We are encouraging people to read up on what type of tree would thrive in the future at the place it is planted.  With global warming it may be necessary to pick a tree that will thrive in a climate that’s a bit warmer than what it is right now. 
Here are some resources about trees you might plant depending where you live:
Since many Hardiness Zone maps are specific to the US, this guide can help you adapt that to where you live. 
2. Get involved in a larger movement dedicated to planting trees:
In Germany on the Day of Germany Unity (October 3rd – great timing!) there is an effort for all Germans to plant a tree.

Recent Trees

Read Stories From Fellow Tree People!

Andre Scherding

Julian, Daniel & Andre Scherding donated 200 trees to the Bosque Para Siempre reforestation project at La Calandria in Monteverde Costa Rica inn 2020. The donation was a birthday gift to Christinge Scherding, our mother and Christopher's Aunt. The Bosque Para Siempre...

Kathron Sturrock

Street Address : Londonthorpe WoodStreet Address Line 2 : Londonthorpe LaneCity : GranthamState / Province :Postal / Zip Code : NG31 9SL Planting a tree in memory of Christopher is a way to ensure he will always be there with us. I have planted a tree through the...