Eric Laird

O Maestro! My Maestro! 

Your symphony has just begun not here or there but everywhere. 

Movement to movement and act to act you will perform with never an end. 

I see your vibrance and I see your smile waving that baton from stage to stage and friend to friend. 

Every piece I hear every performance I feel will be performed by my Maestro that no one else can see.

You taught me many notes and many chords in life and for you I am grateful for a score of presence of heart and piece of mind.

I will take your composition and read it every day, I will play your symphony of life and hear it every way. 

Your crescendo is far from here but the applause is always so near. 

The curtain will never be drawn on such a bright and brilliant baton. 

O Maestro! My Maestro! You play! and you play!

Your love – your laughter has touched me in o so many ways. 

It’s made me cry with such pain I love you and I miss you every day.

My beloved Maestro my beloved godson I will remember you at every dawn.

Onkel E

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