Butter Chicken from Didi

Butter Chicken (I introduced Chris to this meal after my trip to India in 2015. He decided this should be a tradition going forward) INCREDIENTS FOR 4 150 ml yoghurt 50g ground almonds 1.5 tsp chilli powder 0.25 tsp crushed bay leaves 0.25 tsp ground cloves 0.25 tsp...

Arne Döpke

It´s a sour cherry tree because: it´s not very demanding, it is very fruitfull, making preserves and enjoying them during winter brings joy.


I met Chris in Munich. I was walking from the S-Bahn from the airport with two big suitcases. It had started snowing heavily and Chris, seeing me struggling to cross the road in time, came over to help me. During our short walk to my godfather’s apartment, where I was...

CJ Stern

I believe we are at nine trees (though it might be 12) some of which came from McMullen-Laird Acres up north. There is even a weeping white pine and a weeping spruce, amid sassafras, and other varieties.