Allerliebster Chris,

It’s hard to write this with tears in my eyes and such a heavy heart over your sudden and untimely death. You were just getting started… 

Will I really never hear your infectious laughter or Schwäbisch talk again? Your endless knowledge about everything and enthusiastic throat clearing? 

I can’t imagine you never coming to visit us in Boston again, taking over the living room and getting busy in the kitchen. Your arrival meant excitement with a pinch of chaos and a house full of dinner guests topped it all off. 

A Lebenskünstler and nature lover – you built a world-wide network of bridges to get to where you needed to go and help others reach their goals as well. 

It’s been such a pleasure to be your aunt ‘Ditz’. Our bond was strong and so special and I gladly lent a helping hand, encourage or just listened to you. All was given with a heart full of love for you, my kind, fun-loving and thoughtful nephew.

I’ll always hold you in my heart. Rest in peace.