Christopher became my nephew in 1990, when Christine and I married, in fact he brought our rings to the altar.  Even as a young child it was clear that this bright and intensely alert boy would make the most of his days.  And as we all know, he did just that.  With his passing I have come to realize that he was not only a conductor of music, he was a conductor of life, and his orchestra of journeys and adventures is as rich as any person I have ever known.  In this time of such deep sorrow and grief I want to thank the many voices that have come forth with their own stories.  I now understand that what I knew of his incredibly rich life is just a fraction of the legacy he leaves behind.  My only comfort, in this most challenging time, is the marvel of his impact on so, so many people, across the globe.  Rest in peace dear Christopher, your deeds and actions left all of us as better people.