Christopher’s love touched so many people! Just reading the beautiful tributes shows how far and wide his love spread! 

Two things I enjoyed about Christoper were his love of food and his sense of playfulness! 

My favorite memory is Christopher and Sindre’s wedding celebration on Cape Cod in September 2013\. It was a beautiful summer day filled with love, laughter, joy and the delicious food and drinks that guests prepared and shared. I can still see Chris and Sindre beaming, devouring every moment of the day. And Chris oohing and ahhing over the food!

Weeks later, we received a thank you note from the newlyweds. While appreciating our gift, what impressed Christopher more was my wedding baked beans and apple kuchen. The kuchen recipe will be in the memorial cookbook.

For Christopher’s birthday in 2016, I sent him this card. He absolutely loved it! Underneath all those serious accomplishments, was a boy just waiting to have fun! I will miss him so much.