I met Chris in Munich. I was walking from the S-Bahn from the airport with two big suitcases. It had started snowing heavily and Chris, seeing me struggling to cross the road in time, came over to help me. During our short walk to my godfather’s apartment, where I was staying, we realised Chris and Sindre lived in the same building, and before we had even reached the front door, Chris invited me to spend the evening with him at the Bayerische Staatsoper, where he worked, to watch a performance together and show me all the backstage areas. It was such a lovely night, and when my godfather came back to Munich the following day, I was so excited for him to meet Chris too and together we spent the following evening watching Chris conduct his youth orchestra.
From then on, I always looked forward to catching up with Chris when visiting Munich, and later, when Chris moved to London for his masters at RCM,  I was so excited to get to see more of him. I loved watching Chris on stage, in his element, and I looked forward to our catch up dinners or joining him and his friends after a performance. 
I had the privilege of meeting both Chris’ father and his husband, and together the three of us spent a wonderful evening watching Chris conduct and hanging out with his friends at the student union. Chris had a way of bringing everyone together and making everyone feel welcome like no one I’ve ever met. He was so loving, so warm and so kind. He wasn’t just incredibly talented, he was also so generous with his time and his knowledge to everyone around him, and handled every situation with such class and grace. He was such an inspiration to watch, not only on stage, but also in the way he lived his life to the fullest. 
I thought we would be 80 years old and talking about Gott und die Welt  in that beautiful way that Chris had.  
Chris and I met through a random act of kindness that he did for a stranger on a snowy day. Reading all the memories on this page, shows just how much this was the very essence of Chris. Chris loved people and he helped and inspired so many of us on his journey. I feel so grateful to have gotten to know this extraordinary human being and my thoughts are with Chris’ wonderful husband and family.

Stephen Colbert: What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves? Keanu Reeves: I know that the ones who love us will miss us 

I love you and I miss you 

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