I met Zeke in my sophomore year at Dartmouth through my friends Alexia Huffman and Peter Verovsek at the Amarna house. I was always in awe of him and the charismatic splendor and gregariousness he brought to every space he inhabited. Whether that be conducting a robust orchestra of young musicians at the lakeside retreat of Friedrich the Great in Reinsberg, or a roomful of Dartmouth alumni and students in a West Berlin pizza joint as the leader of the Dartmouth German club. Our paths after graduation always seemed to be just at the point of crossing more substantively, but then I would move across the Pond, or a planned Berlin move on his end (and initial discussions to maybe be roommates!) didn’t materialize. I know how much Zeke meant to Alexia D’Arco/Huffmann, one of my dearest friends from Dartmouth, and I wish all of Zeke’s friends and family much comfort and strength in these days ahead. Yehi Zichrono Baruch–May his memory be blessed. ~azi