Chris and I met at his audition for RCM in 2017, we were both auditioning for the conductors course. Fast forward to August 2019 and Chris walks in smiling to the Darlington Conductor’s course which we both happened to be on too! Neither of us knew the other would be there. In typical Chris fashion, I get a big hug and of course he remembers my name 🥰

We spent the two weeks of that course doing everything together. His room was next to mine, I had the pleasure of meeting Sindre too who visited briefly for a few days.

We called ourselves the husband and wife of Dartington. Chris waited each night to walk with me down the dark path to our dorm and wouldn’t let me go alone. He was always on hand with hugs, there to wipe my tears of stress and be the pillar I needed. 

One of my fondest memories are our ‘days off’ when we would window shop all day,  strolled the beautiful grounds and do our laundry together. 

Chris was one of the most supportive colleagues out there, he was a friend first and foremost but we both agreed we needed the support in this lonely field

Of conducting and he was just that.

He always checked in no matter where in the world we both were, always concerned, always loving, always supportive.

I feel a huge hole in my heart and I can only begin to imagine what that means for Sindre, his family and neatest loved ones.

Sending such love and strength to you all. I know he’s looking down on us all. He was never one to give up and I’m sure as I’m writing this he’s making sure we’re all okay in whatever way he can.

I’m going to share the memories of Chris that make me laugh the most. As I watch the video and look at the pictures, I hear him laugh. ❤️❤️

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilís 💚