Chris, you messaged me out of the blue one day on Facebook, we’d only really exchanged a few ‘hellos’ in person before then and I didn’t really know who you were. It just goes to show how much you had a hunger to share life with people, to meet people and be caring and kind to them, that you would just reach out to people in earnest friendship. We met up a few times and quickly became fast friends, sharing many of our own spiritual interests together. I remember fondly our crazy yoga session and our engaging musical chit-chat. I’ll never forget the pictures you would send me of you doing headstands on the top of a Norwegian mountain, or of you jumping into ice-cold water! You had a courageous and bursting zest for life! I remember when we went to a Finnish sauna in East London. As soon as we got there, you took out some balls and began teaching everyone there how to juggle. The next time, it was ‘ball-in-a-cup’. I remember you telling me about your imaginary assistant, Maria, who does all your annoying admin for you. It was hilarious. I’m still laughing now. That’s what I’ll try and take with me, that happiness and positivity.