I first met Chris at the University of Music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar, Germany where I studied Jazz Vocal Performance and Composition / Arranging. Chris was my lecturer in English diction and speech training. His lessons were hands on and practical, but what´s more he was vivid, lively, friendly and radiating with honesty, authenticity and warmth. He really cared for other people and was giving his all when teaching and giving advice. In addition he was very humble and didn´t even tell us that he was an award winning conductor and that he worked with some of the biggest music publishers in Germany engraving and notation / score layouting. I only learned about this in a break when I asked him what he was doing when not teaching English diction. After I graduated we stayed in contact and we were planning a crossover collaboration for the future. Chris, it breaks my heart that now it won´t happen. This is just too soon, my friend. But the thought of you still gives me energy and hope. You will be missed!