Dear Zeke,  I can’t believe you’re no longer with us here, on earth.

I don’t know why God needed to summon you to the other side of Life now.

I will remain forever grateful for your friendship, which enriched my Dartmouth days and continued beyond the Hanover campus. I still remember catching a glimpse of your silhouette in one of the first-floor windows as I was returning to my dorm – we were on the same floor at Russell Sage.

Thank you for being always ready to listen, laugh together and spread your love for music, and the opera in particular.

I remember one evening in particular. You invited a few friends (including me) to Opera North. After the show, someone dropped us off on campus. It was late at night and I was worried about going back home, as I was living off campus in Vermont then. You said, “Magda, I can help you with my bike”. You also offered to keep me company to make sure I was safe. We alternated; now you were on your bike and I ran alongside you (gasp, gasp), now I was on your bike and your were the runner. It was great fun. We were laughing our heads off in the process. One of the best memories of my life.

Thank you for our wonderful flight from Munich to Boston to our 5th reunion. It was filled with juicy gossip and inspirational conversation.