I’m a Canadian opera singer, and in spring 2014 I was a guest artist at the Munich Staatsoper for a new production of Zimmerman’s Die Soldaten. It was a huge production, and one of the most fulfilling experiences of my career. It was also the first time I had ever worked with a prompter. In fact, for this show because it was so difficult, we had TWO! And Chris was one of them. I remember I was quite confused at first with the role of the prompter, I didn’t know how to “use” them, but Chris was so generous, helpful, always looking for a way to help me when I needed it. He was positive, classy, and fun. He was about to head to Stavanger after the production, and we spoke a lot about conducting, and it was clear how much he was looking forward to being in Norway. He had such enthusiasm, the glow of someone who truly loves his path and is in it for all the best reasons, and I will never forget him. My deepest condolences to Chris’ friends and family at this terrible loss.