Christopher guest conducted the Surrey Mozart Players on 7 December 2019 for a performance of Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez with Giacomo Susani as soloist and Schubert Symphony no. 3 at the Electric Theatre in Guildford.  Christopher delighted us with his infectious enthusiasm, charisma, warmth and humour, and conscientious and faultless preparation.  The concert was a sell-out and Christopher totally charmed our audience.  He was a very strong contender for the role of our next Musical Director and we had already invited him back for two more concerts next season, starting with a concert in September.  We were so looking forward to working with him again and are struggling to comprehend the tragic loss of this beautiful and brilliant person.  

Our hearts go out to Sindre, his family and all his many friends.  

Our members’ responses to the news clearly reflect the impact he had:

“So talented and such a lovely conductor to work for and far too young to go.  He will be a big loss to the music world.”

“It was a privilege to have played with him last year.”

“Seldom have I experienced such a huge buzz from an evening rehearsal, let alone a concert, his enthusiasm was just so infectious and his musicianship was so uplifting to share.”

“He was my favourite conductor so far, oozing talent and musicality.”

“Christopher stayed with us and we thought he was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention talented.” 

And this was some feedback from our members after our December 2019 concert:

“Chris’s humour and energy were abundant and seemed to be appreciated by everyone I spoke to. He would be my first choice as a permanent conductor.”

“Very good natured, and exuded supportive confidence.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris. He had a really good understanding of the music and was so enthusiastic. Rehearsals were very organised and he brought out the best in a really positive way. His enthusiasm was incredible. He made a huge effort to speak to every member of the orchestra, and not just in a cursory manner: he really took time with people and got so much out of us.” 

“Chris was an absolute delight to work with. He brought a great blend of musical insight, technical skills, motivation, enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to the rehearsals. The Schubert in particular was a revelation – he took what could have been a rather pedestrian symphony and breathed so much life, fun and colour into it… I personally think he would be a tremendous asset to the orchestra if he were appointed as conductor.”

“Amazing!! He has such enthusiasm and knowledge, and is so friendly. He had insight into every instrument, understood the music so well and drew so much from a relatively simple piece. He took the time to meet every member of the orchestra and brought huge energy and fun to the concert… I thought he was absolutely brilliant.”

“I loved Christopher Quentin! The fact he focused on the music and not just the notes made it a great experience in rehearsals and concert. My favourite concert in a long time.”

“Chris is a real find. A delightful and charismatic personality, real joy in the music and engagement with the orchestra and he’s extremely knowledgeable about the music. He was meticulous in getting the effects that he wanted and communicated his pleasure clearly when we managed to achieve what he wanted.”

“Chris brought a fresh approach and novel ideas of interpretation. He showed great respect to us as an orchestra, and obviously loves conducting.”

“I thought Chris made the orchestra sound better than they had for a long time – a proper chamber orchestra. He really helped us to bring out all the nuances in the music. He knew exactly what he wanted and rehearsed us so well and made it all such fun. I haven’t heard such pianissimos or good tuning in a while. He’s a big thumbs up from me!!!”

“I really valued Chris’s holistic approach. He had a very calm aura and his ego never got in the way of great music-making.”

“I loved Chris! He rehearsed really well and had his own firm ideas. I loved his playfulness with the Schubert, his attentiveness towards every section, and his excellent knowledge. I liked that he worked us hard but not aggressively and looked at tuning. My favourite!”