My dearest Chris (I`ll always still call you Dimitryi):

All I can think about is why I had to miss your party last year in Munich. I thought my kids would be too loud, so I promised to come to the next one. The kids would grow older, and meanwhile you would post amazing nature pictures of all the places you visited and all the concerts you had. It was so good to watch you be happy!  

I keep re-reading all our mails since 2004, and I tell you that I miss you in every one of them. So one last time, dear Dima: I miss you deeply, I love you, I’ll remember you with every little candle I light.

Sindre, Sam, Lydia and rest of the family: my deepest condolences. So unique amazing people like Chris donĀ“t just go. I`m sure he went somewhere beautifull, took his music with him and is already making the place better for everyone.

Farewell, dear Dima.  

Love, your Tamara.