I met Chris for the first time when he was in 10th grade, and inquiring about private Viola lessons. One month later, he called back to sign on with me, his private teacher, for lessons, and he remained with me until he graduated from high school. We became close friends during that time. He was also a camper at the New England Music Camp in Maine, where I taught each summer. During his Dartmouth College days, he and I took long walks through the Matthaei Botanical Gardens during his visits here in Ann Arbor discussing many things. It was at that time I suggested he go to Europe in pursuit of his dreams in conducting. Later on, while in Munich, I introduced him to my friend, Gisela Westphal. He immediately reached out to her and included her in all of his concerts, remembering to invite her, even though he was very busy. She always attended, giving him much musical support. He always kept in contact with me through emails which I appreciated very much. I am so thankful to have known him. He was a vibrant, energetic, dynamic, and passionate young man who always had lots of things going for himself and exciting future plans. I am extremely shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his passing too soon. He gave so much to so many, living life to the fullest, and warmly embracing those around him. My sincere sympathies to his wonderful family, who nurtured such an outstanding human being. Your loss is unimaginably profound. I am so sorry.