Thank you Zeke for the unforgettable moments when

  • you, Sindre and I were rehearsing Lohengrin on my couch in Cologne, before we went to see the opera.
  • Andreas and I had the first chance to see you conduct in Rheinsberg.
  • we stopped at my parents’ for a short visit in Rosbach and they were fascinated by you two.
  • you talked me into swimming across Conneticut River- and we did it.
  • celebrating your birthday in a hut in Thüringen or another one in a tiny cafe over the Neckar in Tübingen where each telephone call was answered in another language.
  • Andreas was cookin and you called him „the bomb“

   … and all the other times when you switched words around and we Germans got an idea of the difference between a Fulbright and a Halfbright.

There was always a smile on your face and being around you was like dancing in the sunlight.