It is with such great sadness that we learn of the untimely passing of Chris.  He was a popular student at the Royal College of Music, his infectious personality and easy-going charm touching many lives, from his contemporaries, the staff who taught him, and the young children he inspired through the Sparks programme, and which he had characteristically embraced with energy and enthusiasm. 

I enjoyed many wide-ranging discussions with him, where his thirst for knowledge and eagerness for understanding underpinned a particular desire to succeed in this musical world which gave him so much happiness.  He was generous, empathetic, ever-positive, and always grateful for all the opportunities that came his way.  It is a particular sadness that his passing came at a time when he was seeing a successful way forward in his chosen path, sharing his love of music and the joy of performing with others.

We will all greatly miss him.

Stephen Johns

Artistic Director

Royal College of Music