Medical summer retreat in 2.000\. Christopher 17 years old. Even then he was already a conductor. Somehow he had everything in hand. He was somehow indispensable in this pioneering phase of an anthroposophical clinic. Not only because he started singing together with patients and coworkers in the early morning or performed as an entertainer and musician on a talent show, but he was also able to organize or find anything that was still missing, to provide necessary information, to prepare medical teas and hot water bottles, or to give a lady a rhythmical oiling to her paralyzed arm by singing, so that even the spasm was released. He was also this mediating and dissolving element in social interaction! Next year it was so difficult to imagine how it could be done without him, even though he was still so young! So it is difficult for EVERYONE to imagine that today! But – “There are more things in Heaven and Earth // Than are dream’t of in your Philosophy.”  


Thank you for being there!  

An unshakable rock in the surf! Pillar of strength!  

A permanent – unclouded – sunshine for everyone!  

Absolutely to love – unconditional!  

Thank you for being there!