Chris had the brightest soul of anyone I have ever known. Over the past few days it is clear to see that those who knew Chris as family, friend, musician, or otherwise would agree.

As friend and mentor, Chris taught me so much both musically and beyond and the trust he showed KCLSO and myself stands as a testament to the unfailingly kind and open- hearted person he was. Even for the relatively short time I knew Chris, it feels almost impossible to encapsulate the many times he showed how inspiring a life-force he had into words but every act of kindness I saw from him inspires me to be the same. 

I so wish I could work with Chris again and make more amazing music and memories but I do know that any time in the future when we as musicians can safely play together again, Chris will always be there with us.

My most sincere condolences go to Chris’s family, husband and friends. I am so sorry for your loss