I only met Christopher a few times, through my aunt Rebecca, but it was immediately clear what a wonderful person he was. Most recently – December 2019 – we had breakfast in London with my Italian relatives, and I remember thinking ‘this man is so nice… like seriously 𝒔𝒐 nice!’

Earlier in 2019, after a bad start to the year, I saw on Facebook that Zeke was going to be involved in Chinese New Year celebrations with The Royal College of Music. I decided to attend on my own, and after the concert was hesitant to say hello, as we had only met once or twice before and his popularity was clear by the crowd surrounding him. I was silly to be nervous – his warm smile could instantly make anyone feel welcome. We had a lovely chat and took a selfie, what I wish could have been the first of many with someone I just assumed I would see from time to time over the coming years. 

To hear about Christopher’s sudden passing was very upsetting, even for me as an ‘acquaintance’, and I can’t imagine how his close friends and family feel. I can only hope that some comfort will be found in the fond memories being shared. 

Rest in peace Zeke, God bless.