Here is a video of a premiere of mine that Christopher conducted.  I originally wrote this piece for the conducting auditions at the RCM, which is when we first worked together.  Before that, we would hang out around the RCM, go to concerts, or go to Imperial for a drink (and none of that changed!)  

Christopher prepared the piece with the ensemble over a period of 45 minutes so that the auditionees could rehearse the piece further with the ensemble as their sight-reading excerpt.  He then convinced Simon Channing, the head of the woodwind department, to programme the piece the following year on a wind ensemble concert, and he also convinced Simon to let him conduct the premiere.  As usual, we went out for drinks at Imperial after the concert and had a great time as always.  

After this premiere, we worked together a number of times – I arranged a Fanny Mendelssohn piece and Schubert Lied for him to conduct in Norway.  We were planning to do more things at King’s.  I will fondly remember all of our times working together on various projects, hanging out at RCM, IC, and other places, and everything else.